The VascuTherm solid state device provides heat, cold (without ice), compression, and/or DVT prophylaxis therapy. The system is pre-programmed per written physician's instructions for fully automatic, safe, trouble free use in the patient's home. It is indicated for pain, edema, and DVT prophylaxis for the post-operative orthopedic patient. The precisely controlled temperature range of 43 degrees F to 105 degrees F insures against frostbite or burns. Therapy times are also pre-programmed to insure maximum patient compliance. It is extremely easy for patients to set up and use.

The Vascutherm features an LCD display that allows the user to program the unit for an individual’s needs and then store it in memory for future therapy sessions. Therapy regimen for multiple patients can be programmed and saved for consistent treatment.

The Vascutherm was designed with the help of top sports physicians and trainers; orthopaedic surgeons; and professors of sports medicine and pain management. It is convenient, precise, effective and reliable.

The Vascutherm unit easily attaches via hose to a variety of wraps that are body-part specific to effectively wrap the injury site. The unit features quick disconnects for ease of use.

Specially designed Vascutherm wraps circulate a water-based, biologically safe fluid called Thermoflow. The fluid circulates through the wraps to surround the injury site, but the fluid never touches the skin.

Insulated material in the wraps help maintain the temperature of the fluid, as well as apply pulsating compression as needed. Easily interchangeable , the wraps make it possible to use one unit on numerous injuries. Vascutherm standard wraps will last up to 12 months depending on extent of use.

Vascutherm Wraps: