Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Device

Knee CPM Continuous Passive Motion Therapy or CPM is commonly used by orthopaedic surgeons to aid in†patient recovery following injury or surgery to the joint. After a surgery, many patients will experience pain which can lead to a tendency to not move the joint adequately enough to regain proper range of motion. This tissue around the joint will become stiff due to this lack of motion and scarring will begin to develop.

When a Continous Passive Motion machine is applied after surgery, the joint can be moved through a range of motion for extended periods of time. This use can significantly reduce the recovery time by increasing the range of motion, promote healing of the joint surfaces and soft tissues, reduce the development of adhesions and scar tissue and decrease stiffness of the joint. Studies have†shown that patients using CPM Therapy Devices require less pain medication than patients who have had the same type of surgery and are not using Continuous Passive Motion in their rehabilitation.

Continuous Passive Motion devices are available for both upper and lower extremities and your physician will prescribe how the device is to be used in regard to rate of speed of motion, duration of use of the equipment and the rate of increase in degrees of motion, commonly referred to as ‘Flexion’ and ‘Extension’ in cases of the knee joint.

As an example, physicians will typically prescribe Continuous Passive Motion Therapy following these types of lower extremity surgeries and procedures: