Orthotics & Prosthetics Products

Custom Skin Covers:

Until now, patients had to choose between a great looking prosthesis and a highly functional one. Our Skin Tones System bridges the gap between cosmetics and functionality. SOS Medical provides customized, silicone skin covers for both upper and lower extremity amputees as well as facial prosthetics.

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Prosthetic Feet and ankle units

Vari-Flex w/EVO

Vari-Flex with EVO replicates the functions of the human foot beautifully. Its extra smooth roll-over motion contributes to a more natural, symmetrical gait, which means less fatigue and ultimately less strain on the lower back and sound side of the body.

Proprio Foot & Ankle System

The powered ankle motion, intelligent terrain adaptation, and natural function of PROPRIO FOOT make it the most life-like prosthetic foot available, giving its users the power to overcome all of life’s obstacles.

Genium Knee

The Genium Bionic Prosthetic System is the world’s only microprocessor controlled knee that can anticipate your movements and adapt instantaneously in order to function as close to a natural leg as possible.


The C-Leg microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee started a revolution for above knee amputees. Since 1999, when it was introduced in the US market, more than 40,000 people worldwide have taken advantage of the unparalleled stability offered by the C-Leg. The most clinically evaluated microprocessor knee in history, C-Leg is backed by evidence demonstrating increased efficacy in safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness when compared to other prosthetic knees – making this technology the standard of care. C-Leg’s superb stumble recovery and smooth swing activation provides a confident, natural gait. Users can speed up, slow down, take on hills and go down stairs step over step—all with a secure, comfortable stride.

Prosthetic hands and upper extremity


The VascuTherm solid state device provides heat, cold (without ice), compression, and/or DVT prophylaxis therapy. The system is pre-programmed per written physician's instructions for fully automatic, safe, trouble free use in the patient's home. It is indicated for pain, edema, and DVT prophylaxis for the post-operative orthopedic patient. The precisely controlled temperature range of 43 degrees F to 105 degrees F insures against frostbite or burns.

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Device:

Continuous Passive Motion Therapy or CPM is commonly used by orthopaedic surgeons to aid inpatient recovery following injury or surgery to the joint.


We provide customers with reliable knee braces, ankle braces, back braces and more to give support to ailing joints, provide comfort to recovering muscles and give our customers the ability to still function after orthopedic surgery.