Pre-operative & Post-operative Consultation

SOS Medical will provide you and your family with pre-operative consultation on just what to expect during the upcoming months. We will explain the process of being fit with a new prosthetic, the journey ahead and candid answers to the many questions you are certain to have.

Financial Counseling/Planning/ Insurance Info

Rest is essential in the recovery process and being burdened with an unforeseen medical bill can be unsettling. Therefore, as your health care provider, we handle all of your billing needs; be that in the workers compensation, private insurance, or Medicare sector. If for any reason your insurance does not cover the entire bill and there are out of pocket expenses to incur, you will be notified prior to services rendered and we will be happy to discuss options with you. Payment plans and/or financial counseling are available for all situations.

Patient & Interdisciplinary Follow Up

Proving you with a new prosthesis is not the end of our care — it’s only the beginning. We maintain regular follow-up with you, your doctor, physical therapist, and other health professionals to ensure the best possible results. Our educational clinics, monthly walking clinic in Balboa Park and Community programs are a large part of the rehab process.

Onsite maintenance and repairs

Our Prosthesis Facility is equipped with all the necessary tools and materials needed to fabricate your prosthetic on-site rather than sending it to a Central Fabrication Facility, thus eliminating the number of issues that arise from doing so. Proper fit of your prostheses is our primary focus and providing you with a better quality of life while doing your day to day activities is Paramount; therefore, should an issue arise after hours or on the weekends, our prosthetists will be available to assist you in making the emergency repairs.

Express Lab

For those unable to travel to our facility to make certain prosthetic repairs and adjustments, our prosthetists / technicians will travel to your home or hospital bedside, in our fully equipped ‘mobile service’ to assist. Note: there are some limitations with the service – please call for full details.

Walking Clinic at Lake Balboa Park

You are invited to our monthly Walking Clinic to see how you can improve your mobility skills, learn basic exercises and interact with other amputees. Our certified practitioners will be on hand to provide you with the skills needed to increase your confidence and enhance your mobility.

The SOS Walking Clinic is FREE for all amputees in the community, as well as their family members. We offer this service to support our patients and ensure that rehabilitation and information are always available to those in need, especially when all of their physical therapy sessions have been exhausted.

The Walking Clinic takes place the first Saturday of every month at 9am at the Lake Balboa Park. Please call the office or send a request for information at 1-800-863-1769 or click here for an online request.

Peer Support Groups

At SOS Medical we understand that recovering from a traumatic event such as losing a limb or learning that your child will be born with limb loss is very difficult and one of the most helpful ways for those individuals to move forward is talking with peers who have had similar experiences.

Please contact Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation (MAAF) or arrange a peer visit by calling toll free 24-hour answering service at 877-999-6223. For further information regarding any of MAAF’s programs, contact:

Phil Tamoush, Amputee Member,
President and Acting Newsletter Editor

Jo Ann Dillenbeck,
Amputee Member,
Treasurer and Data Base Maintenance

Howard/Nancy Weaver,
Amputee and Caregiver,

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 10175
Torrance, CA 90505

If you find that you need more than peer support groups, we have a recommended counselor to help. Please call the office or send a request for information at 1-800-863-1769 or click here for an online request.

Shuttle Services

If you need a ride to our facility, we provide transportation services for you to and from our offices. We will pick you up and drop you off to and from the airport, train or your hotel. Please call the office or send a request for information at 1-800-863-1769 or click here for an online request.


If you are coming from out of town, do not stress! We have many different hotel options according to your budget within a close proximity of our facility. Please call the office or send a request for information at 1-800-863-1769 or click here for an online request.